Bagpipes in Memphis and MidSouth

Wedding Bagpipes
Arrange for a piper and you'll have a wedding that family and friends shall talk about for years. According to tradition, if the piper is first to greet the new bride groom, a long and prosperous marriage is assured. Please view the page devoted to weddings.

Bagpiper's Remembrance
A proper tribute. Usually reserved for funerals, but can be for any day of remembrance - civilian or military, firefighters or law officers.

Bagpiper at Dusk
Delight guests with a piper playing a majestic air as the sun slips below the horizon. Your guests shall recall that sunset always.

Bagpiper for Promotion
Call us to promote your corporate event. A piper seizes clients' attention like nothing else can.

Golfing with Bagpipes
Golf and pipes compliment each other like single-malt whiskies and hand-rolled cigars. The pipes' skirl make clients feel as if they were about to tee off at St. Andrew's.

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